Broken heart dating site

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Broken heart dating site

While it may be what we are instinctively inclined to do, dating before you are emotionally ready is a recipe for disaster. You're likely to feel awkward, unhappy, anxious and numb — and who wants to date that person?

The fact is, it's nearly impossible to hide a broken heart; I know I fooled no one when I was trying to do so.

My anxiety was evidenced by my inability to make eye contact with a date, which was a sign to women that the lights were on but no one was home emotionally.

People say that time heals every wound, but how long should you wait before getting into the fray again?

Reboun Date is aiming to take the embarrassment and awkwardness out of rebound dating.

People will be able to use Reboun Date to find out other people who are either looking for a rebound date or are willing to be a rebound date, thereby ensuring there is no awkwardness.

As hard as it is to believe, you can learn how to get over a broken heart and heal from the pain. Click here to learn more about the Last First Date Inner Circle.

Trying to date immediately after a relationship ends is ill-advised.

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