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Removing the cover to your PC's case can sometimes be a very frightening ordeal, especially if you're a pet owner. We suggest always keeping your graphics drivers up-to-date.If you have a desktop or workstation computer: Before you can update the graphics driver, you need to know what kind of graphics card you have.For more information about how to find out what graphics card you have in your PC, click here.Check the below categories to learn the latest about ground breaking rendering possibilities being enabled by NVIDIA: NVIDIA's advanced rendering solutions not only scale across GPUs in a system, but also across a local cluster environment, to a third party rendering service, or to the cloud for on-demand rendering needs.NVIDIA® Drivers provides the best combination of performance, quality and features.Reddit-user Apollyon VR created a tool that can be used to monitor framerates while in Oculus Rift.

How do I get the best performance out of my computer?

Here's how to get the Oculus framerate tray tool working.

You can now place the Rift on your head and you'll see a graph that monitors your performance.

Choppy graphics, lagging audio, slow load times all contribute to a bad time, and right now the budget doesn't allow for new hardware.

Starting with some easier tips and moving onto some more complicated stuff, here's how to eke the most performance out of your existing hardware.

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The drivers that are shipped with most hardware are rather static.