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Lee trink and dating

A friend suggested I write a short account of the events at the Copyright Green Paper Roundtable Workshop sponsored by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force held at the Vanderbilt University Law School on May 21, 2014. Musicians, whether they want to acknowledge it or not, are involved in the world of business (who pays for these habits of theirs? We’re hearing “I love the Internet” (“some of my best friends are black” comes to mind…) Then comes the HOWEVER. “However” is Canadian for “but.” Some arithmetic is coming “the nitty gritty.” What’ll follow is lots of Internet plays & tiny money #fmc13 22. Rich people get richer by these new legit services while musicians stay poor. That was the beginning of a 444-day long odyssey and an event that made life more complicated and dangerous for our citizens who would ever travel to the Middle East, then and now.

It was my privilege to serve on the three (3) roundtables that day: Each of the panels was followed by contribution from observers at the event and online. ) and technology (the body is tech, instruments are tech, electronics are tech, computers are tech, etc.). For the umpteenth time & to paraphrase Carl Sagan “billions & billions of” music spins & zero money. To legitimate creators there is no difference between piracy & the legitimate new services. Music creators need a new narrative & new initiative #fmc13 25. Yes, this was a bigger event than a professional football team signing a 3rd-string born again Christian quarterback.)nms13 ________________________________________________________________________________________ For my next post, I want to turn to this short article a friend posted on Facebook: The 30 Harshest Musician-on-Musician Insults in History as I believe the article missed the greatest, most effective and significant insults, and I am leaving aside even greater vitriol that has taken place in Classical music/art music.

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That, rather than the plight of those who are accused of infringing the copyright of an individual song by means of a new composition, was of more concern to one person on one panel. Yell at your record label if you’re not getting much money. Disappoitntment – SR do not have terrestrial performance right. (Grammar Girl believes we should be able to end sentences with prepositions, in case you were wondering abut that last sentence.) This will be fun to collect and NUMBER tweets. Methodology that can fairly compensate artists, writers. It was and will always be OK to give Elvis some of your publishing in exchange for the favor of recording one of your songs.)feely” or touchy feely to the extreme, it is sage advice. One can make money and “get back” money but even with scifi, Google and tech, we still cannot get back time. Managers need to get fans attentions to do more than just click. I’ve always believed that outsiders bring more objectivity, creativity and original thinking and actions to a field.

__________________________________________________________________________ An idea I brought up seemed to get a lot of attention. I had no idea that I wrote 75 tweets (shown below) and more in the next posts. Famously, it took an outsider, Steve Jobs, to show how a digital music market should work.) 27.

In diesem Video nimmt Flugschüler Kai Pietsch Sie mit auf einen Rundflug über Stuttgart und den Bodensee.Wenn Starkregen Keller unter Wasser setzt, kann es dafür viele Gründe geben: verwurzelte Kanäle, eine fehlende Rückstausicherung, überlastete Leitungen.Der Bundesgerichtshof hat nun grundsätzlich geklärt, wer wofür haftet.When penalties for copyright infringement are higher and more severe than what seem to be more serious crimes – domestic violence, abandoning a family, abuse and cruelty to animals to name a few – the public loses support and respect for copyright law. Artists have to be more pro-active & learn business. Indiegogo works with Google Analytics to track and classify income. That is an important question in going further with the transmission/broadcast of recorded (and live) music and the collection and distribution of royalties. I added “government” in that sentence because if it wasn’t for a very large and powerful central federal government and its blueprint plans, i.e., the Constitution, there would be no copyright law and no basis for federal support for authors and inventors. I did not look at my program so I did not use their names in my tweets. Text in parentheses were my opinions and not necessarily those of the speakers. 140 characters have hurt and nearly destroyed careers.Many of us agree that a small claims copyright court could be an improvement over the present expensive and time-protracted federal court situation. #FMC13 For many years (since the 20th century, one century ago), I’ve used the CIA World Factbook to learn about other countries (as well as other sources). Is a “forest of streaming” good, great, bad, horrible, neutral, inevitable or just the way it is? I-Gogo encourages artist & aud to be smart in planning & funding #FMC13 141. I thought before too much time passes, I should collect my tweets and comments about The 2013 Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit held in Washington DC October 28-29, 2013. And with the status of laws and litigation always in flux, interested parties need to continue to lobby their government to keep acting on their behalf. Jeremy Peters: Copyright is broken but other than Creative Commons, what is being done to fix it? We’re moving from culture of owners to that of renters (of intellectual property – IP) #FMC13 12. Artists who have been burned so badly by the miscreants in the music business – go out on their own is an option #fmc13 14. The that follows some of the tweets below are my comments on specific points of the panel. If artist works a song hard & will make the song, it’s ok for songwriter to part with 10% publishing (Elvis Presley was mentioned as one who would record and expect a piece of the publishing pie in return. My wild guess, based only on my own work and observations and not any formal study, is that Instagram has not hurt as many artists and celebrities as Twitter, even if a picture tells a thousand words.)(Facebook has one the clearest “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” (SRR) that is tantamount to a terms of service (TOS) or end users license agreement (EULA).

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