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Liquidating illiquid collateral

So these are the assets of a company and it was able to generate these assets. But from now on we'll have the simplification that debt is your liability. Or you can also just get regular bank debt, where you owe the bank money.

You start with the angel investors, or maybe your rich uncle, and then eventually get venture capitalists, and you do an initial public offering. And let's say that these assets aren't worth what we think they are, right? Let's say we've bought land and factories and whatever else worth million. They know it's bad and it means to some degree that a company can't operate as it was before. And that's essentially saying that, you know what, this business doesn't make any sense. And we're just talking about corporate bankruptcy right now. And maybe we'll do a couple of videos on that. Well, the other type is reorganization or restructuring. This factory here, it's actually making something useful. And actually we can get more value for what we have here if we keep it running.

But just to understand kind of a simplified scenario, let's take liquidation into consideration.

So let's say that this was my website selling shoes online, and that all of a sudden people have stopped wearing shoes.

Basically, you can't hold a long position of more than 5 million shares in an illiquid OTC stock without facing a fee.

Default notices must be served in writing in English.

They can be delivered: Default starts when letters are delivered, telexes prompt an answerback from the recipient: faxes are received by a responsible employee in legible form; registered mail is either delivered or delivery is attempted; or when an electronic message is delivered.

By signing such a notice, the non-defaulting party places his counterparty into default.

Once a party is formally in default, the process of The speed of the valuation stage of the close-out process will depend upon the liquidity of the collateral assets.

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