Oprah and obama dating

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Oprah and obama dating

This story, on the front of the Enquirer, is a great example of what I mean…

In all fairness to Michelle, what woman wouldn’t be upset if her husband had a date with Oprah?

At last year's Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, Hanks and Springsteen were among the artists honored.

According to the author Oprah had offered to feature the campaign on her television show but was rebuffed by Mrs Obama.

She said they became closer and joked that they were “stuck” inside the White House together.

OWN will air the second showing of the special on Wednesday (December 21) at pm ET/PT.

Four of the coolest Americans alive hung out at a party in French Polynesia without the rest of us.

It alleges that Valerie Jarrett and Desirée Rogers, advisers to Mrs Obama, became concerned at how close Oprah, whose support for Mr Obama in 2008 was seen as crucial, was becoming to the First Family.

In the special, Michelle talked about Americans feeling like they don’t have hope after Donald Trump winning the election.

See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like,” she said.

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Haven’t we heard all those rumors about Oprah Yet now she’s dating the President! She spends all those hours in the gym, getting those buff arms, and her hubby falls for Oprah of all people? “Political insiders say Michelle, 46, is seething with rage that her 49-year old hubby would dare to ignore her standing command to stop seeing the billionaire TV talk host, who the First Lady sees as her arch-rival for his attention.