Pot dating codes

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Pot dating codes

Electronic Industries Association (EIA) codes can also be very useful for giving clues as to an amp's age.

These codes can be found on speakers, transformers, pots, capacitors, and multi-section electrolytic "can" caps.

My intent with this site is to educate those who are on the hunt for that last affordable vintage Fender Stratocaster.

Originally it was used as code amongst marijuana smokers.

Here are the pots in this pedal, new ALPHA pots instead of original CTS pots.

The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not very valuable even if someone could get it working, as the date codes and pots are gone. I have also seen these "NOS" pedals turn up with pots with the last digits as 0318 which means 2003 18th week.

When someone you're dating, or, someone you're talking to via an online dating site, mentions that they're "420 friendly," what do you say?

As a dating expert originally from the West Coast of Canada, this question comes up often.

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Here is an "MXR" envelope filter I got in for some mods.