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Scientists digging around roughly one-and-a-half miles below the Earth's surface in an Ontario mine may have just discovered the oldest free-flowing source of isolated, untouched water ever known.Though they don't know if anything has been living in this water, it contains both methane and hydrogen—key ingredients for life—and has likely been isolated in rock down there, untouched by Earth's atmosphere, for a staggering 1 billion years. While tiny, micrometer-scale deposits of water have been found in minerals tens of millions of years old (the water was trapped there when the minerals formed, so it has been trapped for at least that long), free-flowing water living in interconnected pockets, cracks, and pores deep in the Earth's crust has never been dated as older than a few tens of millions of years old.If you need lookups in other counties and cannot find an appropriate holding in our online catalog, we suggest you contact a society in or near the county you are interested in.A map of California counties and a list of other societies can be found at Yet God’s revelation in Scripture paints a different picture.Several key Scripture passages teach that death is a consequence of sin, including Genesis -17, Genesis and 22, Romans -21, and 1 Corinthians 15.In that case, there would be no beginning whatsoever — just an ever-evolving story of which we’re catching a mere glimpse.“We have very good evidence that there was a Big Bang, so the universe as we know it almost certainly started some 14 billion years ago.

The question presupposes that the universe had an actual starting point, but one might just as well assume the universe always was and always will be.

For humans, Genesis 3 and other Bible passages may be speaking primarily of spiritual death, not physical death.

When scientists investigate God’s creation, they find that humans appear very late in the history of life.

It was supposed to read "tens of millions." The copy has been corrected to reflect this.

Pop Sci regrets having accidentally attempted to undo decades of important cosmological research.

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The fossil record clearly shows that many creatures died before humans appeared.